Photo Booths and Software
photo booth remote control Every vending device, including photo booths, requires a certain maintenance.

It includes money extraction, paper loading and fixing possible malfunctions, like a bill validator jam. Thus, maintainability greatly depends on the notification of maintenance staff.

Photo booth software developers usually do not pay enough attention to it, offering the maintainer to regularly check on the photo booth.
PhotoAutomat-ST uses email for online notification to control the following parameters:
The number of sheets in the printer (independent for all printers).
Printer idle - the number of days the printer has not printed (independent for all printers, important for inkjet printers).
The number of prints since the last ink refill (independent for all printers).
The amount of money in the photo booth.
Hardware malfunction: the camera, bill validator and the printer (s).
All of these parameters (except hardware malfunctions) have configurable thresholds. For instance, you get notified only if the amount of money received by the photo booth is greater than the specified value or the number of sheets in the printer is less than the specified threshold.

You can turn on only the notifications you need and can also receive daily reports from the photo booth.

When a malfunction occurs (for instance, the printer ran out of paper), the photo booth will show a special screen, saying the device is temporarily out of service, and notify the maintenance staff.

If you want to operate a few photo booths you can enter a designation and an address for each one. This infromation will be included in notification emails and you will know which photo booth requires maintenance.

The software can save energy by controlling the lights according to the schedule you enter.