Photo Booths and Software
photo booth software
PhotoAutomat-ST is a software solution for vending photo booths that allows them to take all types of photos and work automatically without any assistance.

Your clients can use the photo booth as any other vending machine. They interact with it via the touch screen, insert the bill into the bill validator and get their photos. And it all takes only a few minutes.

The software can take ID photos and also offers a great choice of entertainment options, including Instagram printing.

Here you can learn more about the features of our photo booth software.

ID photo

Color and monochrome ID photos that satisfy the requirements of your country.


Fully automated face detection and positioning according to the photo requirements.

Instagram printer

Your clients can print photos from Instagram!

Shot series

The photo booth takes a series of shots, applies filters and prints them in a full size or as two stripes.

Full size photo

A full size portrait with Instagram-style or artistic filters.

Face morph

Turn your clients into movie characters, top models or even animals.


Lots of photo cards, frames and calendars for all users.

Remote control

The photo booth can control lights and will always keep you informed.
Photo Kiosk for printing photos from memory cards and USB flash drives.
Your clients can receive their digital photos by email.
You can configure the software for your conditions.
Includes an easy-to-use editor that allows you to edit and add new document templates and entertainment content.
Brand photo prints with your logo or ads!
A clear and well-designed customizable UI, your clients will appreciate.
Can be translated into any language, your clients can select the language they need from the list of available translations.
The photo booth provides text help on every step.
The photo booth can be used while the photo is being printed.
Does not require the presence of an operator and can work on its own.
Supports up to 3 printers with different paper types and also tracks the sheet count in every printer.
A service screen that simplifies photo booth maintenance.
You can adjust color correction, brightness, contrast and other parameters to get the best out of your shooting conditions.
Works with all currencies.
Accepts card payments (in some countries).
Supports popular photo formats - 4x6, etc.