Photo Booths and Software
how to configure photo booth software PhotoAutomat-ST can be configured the way you need it.

This is especially important, if you want to build the photo booth yourself and buy only the software.

You can change camera and color correction settings to get the best shots without shadows and glares.

The camera settings include exposure, white balance and ISO, while the color correction allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image received from the camera.

The color correction is configured independently for different photo types. For instance, the settings for ID photo are not applied to overlays.

You can also adjust color balance and image rotation for your camera orientation.
The photo booth software supports up to 3 printers. It keeps track of paper loaded in each printer independently.

When you use multiple printers, the software can ensure that photos are printed on a specific paper and that work is evenly shared by all printers. For instance, the photo booth can print passport photos only on a matt paper, while other ID photos are printed only on a glossy paper.

You can specify the price for id photo, entertainement photo, Instgram printing and Kiosk independently. Moreover, you can make the price depend on the number of copies ordered.