Photo Booths and Software
photo booth for id photo There are strict official requirements for most ID photos: they include dimensions, the size and position of the person's face. These requirements are specified in ID photo guidelines provided by organizations that issue documents. If an ID photo does not follow these guidelines, it may not be accepted.

In photo labs the process of turning a raw shot into a valid ID photo is performed manually by the photograper, but when it comes to photo booth software, the developers usually put the responsibility of following the guidelines onto the cleint. Clients may be asked to position themselves within a certain area of the frame or even asked to crop the photo manually.

Therefore, the person in the photo booth has to take care about fitting in the frame properly, which can be an obstacle when you try to get a nice shot. To make it even worse, clients can be of different height and constitution, and some of them may have trouble positioning themselves in the frame.

The vending photo booth software PhotoAutomat-ST has the autocapture feature that automates the whole process. The client simply looks into the camera and gets the photo cropped and sized properly according to the guidelines for the selected document.
To ensure the best experience and highest success rate we use several computer vision algorithms that take care of detecting the face features.

The final control is done by the client - if autocapture failed the client can edit the result manually or take a new shot. In most cases, however, all that's left is to pay the bill.