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Buy a photo booth

Easy to start

The competitive price of our photo booths allows you to easily start your own business.
a quality photo booth at a good price
We build quality photo booths at the most affordable prices.

Space saving

Our products are designed with the size factor in mind - pay less for retail space leasing.

Short payback period

The photo booth will quickly recover its cost if it's set up in the right place.


A single device for ID photos, entertainment photos and Instagram printing.

Easy to use

Our carefully designed UI will be clear to all users.

Time saving

Remote control will always keep you informed.

Low maintenance

The photo booth works as a self-sufficient vending device. No need for maintenance organizations or hired specialists.

Vending Photo Booth «Standard»

ID photo
Shot series with Instagram-style effects
Realistic face morph
Lots of photo cards, frames and calendars
Photo branding
Instagram printer
Photo Kiosk
Remote control
Canon Digital Camera
Powerful PC
17" Touch Screen
Bill Validator programmed for your currency
Epson Photo Printer for 4x6 prints
Ergonomic, compact and reliable design

Why us?


Our photo booths can do both ID and entertainment photos, as well as print photos from Instagram.


Get a quality multifunctional product at the best prices.

Software sale

We sell software and are open for partners who want to build their own unique photo booth or even organize manufacturing.

Buy from the manufacturer

We are a photo booth and software manufacturer. Buy directly without resellers.

Software updates

We constantly improve our software and add new useful features.

Remote control

All our photo booths support remote control, which makes it easier to operate them.

How to buy

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